Monday, August 13, 2007

On the Mend!

Garrett was release from the Hospital late this afternoon. (I think I am posting this in the wee hours so it will look like a day later maybe) Monday, our time, Sunday your time. The kids greeted him with such enthusiasm that it nearly made me burst into tears. I wonder when the reality of all this will finally hit. I feel like I am in such denial of it all happening. Anyway, Garrett is doing GREAT. We are all really making him take it easy. He doesn't have much energy and went to lay down soon after dinner. I promise to make him lay around all day tomorrow as well, just so you know!
Thanks to all the emails and prayers this might have been a lonely unbearable situation. Thanks so much for being part of this team. It was a strong lesson in how we can and do work together. We are here, but you are such a part of what we are doing here. This will not be possible without you! Thank you , Thank you , Thank you!
Due to the volume of emails I sent out it wouldn't let me send anymore today. I guess hotmail only lets you send out a certain amount in a 24 hour period and I definitely exceeded that and I wasn't even done. I am thinking of changing email addresses. I will let you know soon!

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