Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Morning Lord....

I went to bed late last night because I was so interested in all my emails and wanted to get something posted before you loose interest in what is going on with us:)
This morning, way too early, I just woke up. It was one of those times where you know if you try hard enough that you could just go back to sleep. I thought about it for a moment then realized that it was a good time to have some personal prayer time with just me and God. Ah, he had woken me up. I recognize this. This seems to be one way God communicates with me. It was almost as if [someone] taps me and says,"Hey, you want to go for a walk?". No one else in the house was up so it wasn't the restling around that brought my eyes open. How could I refuse. I guess we do it all the time though don't we. However, 2 years ago I adopted a saying,"Sleep is over rated." Which means to me that if God wants to commune with me in the early morning then sacrificing a little sleep is the least I can do. And I really mean least here. After all he did die for me.
I walked for a "bit" (the way they say,"awhile") outside. It was overcast and a bit chilly this morning, but nothing a hoody couldn't handle. I will have to invest in a coat soon though, it is only going to get colder......yikes. It was such a great time with God. I love to be the only one out in the morning. It seems that everyone here is always on the streets walking around until late at night, so it was refreshing to see hardly any people. People here will be outside as often as possible for the few months that it is very warm because there are so many months we will have to stay inside to keep warm. As I was walking I began the way I always begin. A.C.T.S. Praise Him, Confess to Him, Thank Him and Lay down my burdens. I have found this to be an amazing way to communicate with God. I have only been a consistent prayer for 1 and half years now so I still live by guidelines to keep me focused. I look forward to the day where fellowshipping with the Lord comes easily and boundary free! I know that this will come as I continue to walk with him in the morning and get to know him so well that fellowshipping with Him comes naturally.
Today was one of the more natural days I've experienced while talking with God. My mind was flooded with praises to our Lord. He is so good, so holy, so in charge. He is faithful, trustworthy and kind. His mercy flows over and His love is abundant. He wants me to be whole and He longs for all His children to live in peace and find their hope in Him. It is all true.
As I was working my way through confession and thanksgiving I had the chance to observe and elderly woman. She was thin with white hair, held back by a scarf. She was walking slowly and shakily across the street. I assumed she was walking home. Her every step seemed cautious and thought out, but not slow. My heart went out to her immediately and I felt the desire to escort her. Immediately I chased that though away! What if that made her mad and she rejected my attempt to help. Or what if I offend her. Is God giving me this direction or is this me just wanting to be helpful. I decided that I would rather error on the side of following God's leading, if in fact it was his leading, then to miss an opportunity to obey just because I let doubt creep in. Besides, isn't any act of kindness from the Lord. Without God's example are we not left to our own selfish lustful demise . Anything we do outside ourselves is all God.
My step quickened and I caught up to her easily. As I was approaching her from behind, I entertained the idea of chickening out and just continuing to walk straight. This is not a culture that communicates with "hello's" on the street so she would be none the wiser if I just walked right on by.......I greeted her. "Labas Ritas"/Good Morning and offered her my arm. She actually took it. She spoke a bit of Lithuanian to me and I said the other phrase I know "Nesuprante Lituvishque" (spelled horribly wrong) "I don't understand Lithuanian". She kindly continued chattering away not seeming to care that I had no comprehension as to what she was saying. Which I've noticed the older folks tend to do. She spoke quietly with kindness in her voice and showed me the small plastic bag she was carrying that looked to have food in it. We walked down the street and I wondered which building we were going to, then we stopped in front of the public trashcans and she bid me goodbye. I uncomfortably walked away realizing that she must have gotten up early to rummage through the trash before anyone else was out on the street.
I felt unsettled as I walked down the street alone leaving her behind to dig for what she might find to eat that had been discarded by others the night before. I felt a wave of sadness as God allowed me to feel his compassion for his creation and the injustices they face. No elderly person should have to live in such a way. Was there no one to right this terrible wrong? What had brought this woman to these ends? Was it the fall of communism that left her with no skills and no promised care? I wept like I had needed to weep for some time now. Only it was for the right reason. My heart broke for God's children who desperately need to know that he exists. I realized that by walking this woman just barely a block, God could show me so much about his compassion for his creation, his heart for his people and his longing for us to burn for the same things as he does. My longing to learn the language well, so that I could communicate in these situations, became a driving force within me.
God is amazing and I am always surprise, though I don't know why, when he teaches me something "hands on". He has so much more to teach us and he is so patient to wait until we are ready for the next step. Isn't it weird how we can spend so many years living in the balance of that next step?

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garringer9 said...

What a beautiful morning the Lord gave you. I do not know why but I am always amazed when I hear the Lord speak to me so extremely clear as you did this morning...then I am shocked at myself being amazed and admonish myself- why shouldn't I expect his commune moment by moment? I know I treasure each one though! I am truly honored that such a God would hold me in such esteem. You all have a great day. Lori