Friday, August 10, 2007


Please really be praying for a car for us. We have been graciously loaned a car by one of the church members that fits all of us in it. And as nice of him as it was this car has not been able to pass the check (kind of like the smog test) and is not legal and sometimes sounds as if it will fall apart while we are driving it. We are trying to drive it as little as possible. Those of you who know me (sophi) know what a freak I am about obeying the law, so I am trying really hard not to freak out. I am so afraid each time we drive it that we will be pulled over and ticketed. Yikes. My control issues rise and I know we could go out today and buy a new car off the lot and have this little problem solved. We are waiting though to see what God will do to meet our needs once again. Pray for patience for us to not rush for a solution. If we take the house we are looking at we will need a reliable mode of transportation. We have talked about getting a new car purely because the weather gets so severe around here that buying used isn't always a good idea. They have no Lemon Laws around here so you could really wind up paying a lot more to fix a bad car in the end as we have seen with the car we purchased a few years ago.
Okay prayer warriers, please join up once again! And thanks in advance!

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