Friday, August 10, 2007

Commissioning Service

What a fantastic way to say goodbye! The commissioning service was such a wonderful experience for our family. thanks to all those who participated to make it so great! We worshiped, heard testimony and had a great message from Glenn. It was so nice for our kids to feel so officially blessed by being sent off so formally. Thank you PFBC . Also the S.A.L.T. class provided the terific food for the event! AWESOME! This will be a memory we will treasure for many years to come.
For those of you who couldn't make it. We had a few people stand and speak of how Garrett and I have impacted their lives. That was a very humbling time and many tears streamed down our cheeks as the realization of this season of life has come to a close! Israel Valdavenos led us in worship and as was the fasion in the College group, we started off with just Israel, Garrett and I and ended the time with a few extras. Garrett Hall on drums and Brian Monroe on piano. Thanks Brian for knowing us so well to just come on up and join in!! That was awesome!
The best part by far was when we all got in a big group and had a time of prayer! Nothing could have made us more ready than to be surrounded by prayer like that! Thanks to you all!
What a great day!

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