Friday, August 10, 2007

The Journey Begins!

I have never been on a trip where it seems everything goes right, but this one was one of those!
We got to the airport in plenty of time. We waiting in a very long line where people who found out what we were doing joyfully spread the news down the line as if we were going off to live in Uganda or something. We got pulled out of line midway because we have kids and Aer Lingus Airlines checks their kids in a different line (a shorter one). Also, we had expected to pay an extra baggage charge only to be waved on. Thanks Rita for helping me keep each bag under weight! Because none of the bags were over, they allowed us to take and extra one for free! This trip we only had 8 duffle bags, 6 carry ons, 2 car seats and 1 guitar. That feels like traveling light since that last time it was 12 oversized bags, 6 carry ons, 2 car seats, 2 guitars and a stroller and 2 small children in tow. Boy were we a sight! And how everyone stopped to stare! This time even the girls could help carry stuff and didn't have to be carried themselves.
Our wait for boarding was just enough time to eat. When we got on the plane we found that every seat had a built in TV screen. This was so much joy for me that I announced to the whole plane that I in fact felt like God's favorite child today! eliciting strange looks of course.
The kids settled in and were quite content for the 10 hour flight! We were all able to watch different movies on our moniters so we were all entertained! Midway through the flight Garrett started to look a little greenish! I said," you got it don't you?" He got the flu that had swept through the house as we stayed with the Myers our last week. (Sorry Kim and Doug). The strange thing was that he was the one the week earlier who stayed up with the kids while they barfed. I guess by the 4th kid his immune system was compromised. So he spent the rest of the flight running back and forth to the bathroom! (no "mile high club" this trip Rita!)
We had grand plans to check out Dublin, Ireland during our layover in Ireland but we opted for resting in the airport instead. It was a good choice, all 6 of us go a few hours of sleep and that was important. We are all getting so good at sleeping where ever we can.
On the next flight we got to spread out because it was not full. Garrett had his own row and sacked out for the entire trip. Hevenlee and I had a row and knocked out soon for the rest of the flight while Boaz, Ezra and Sonshyne watched movies and dosed. It was a smooth uneventful flight. Much needed.
We flew into Vilnius late (the capital city of Lithuania, sounds like vil-nas). It was wonderful to see Saul's (the pastor we will stay with) friendly face! We were all excited that we were finally here! What a journey. Now for the 3 hour drive to Klaipeda (where we will live). It was a long night and we didn't arrive to Saul and Susanna's house until 3am! Sophi had no problem talking Saul's ear off to keep him awake the whole drive. There were so many details to discuss that couldn't happen until now.
So we are here and resting up from jet lag. There are not many plans for the first few days because we are just needing to hang around and sleep when we need to!
Thanks for your prayers. We will spend the next few days deciding on housing and transportation. Saul has informed us that the car we had when we were here last time has just had the engine blow and has been a pain in the rear with repairs. We felt bad for giving it them. But needless to say that ups the date and need for us to get our own car sooner than we expected. We may live out of the city and will have to have a car. We were going to use this one until we could afford to buy our own. Now.....we pray! so if you could join us in this prayer we would appreciate it!
We can really feel your prayers! Thanks for helping us through this transition and being right with us! You are amazing.
Please Pray:
Housing decisions, we are in negotiations with one already
A Car: We have about half of what we need to get a reliable car, I know God can get us into one that will work for us. I dream of a large car to carry many people, but the reality is that our money will only afford us the minimum of our family right now. That is a sacrifice we are willing to make not to go into debt to get a car a larger car. If our timeshare would sell, we would have no problem buying the car. Human thoughts of course.
Continued Health: Garrett is feeling much better and no one looks like they are getting it!

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