Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yard Sell No More!

We had our last yard sale June 30th. If I never have a yard sale again it will be too soon. The only good thing about it is that the prices were so low that our stuff practically walked away all by itself. At the end I pushed everything to the edge of the street and put a FREE sign up. Boy did the stuff walk away then. People really couldn't seem to believe their eyes that there really was something for free in the United States with no strings attached! By the end I talked a young man into taking all the clothing that was left to sell at his yard sale the next weekend and then I paid him $5 to take the last five boxes with him as well! Whew that was it! Boy was I wiped out! I had had the flu the day before and most definitely should not have been going full speed ahead, but when you are moving out of a house by Monday you do not get to have a sick day! All 3 yard sales were successful enough to ship over all the stuff we are keeping, so hurray! Monday will be a time to unwind! Must get out of this house! Still no word on a renter or buyer of this house yet. What will God do?

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