Sunday, July 15, 2007

Movin movin movin

We are on the go again. Currently we are spread out all over the place. 3 in the central valley and 3 down South. We are all heading up to Northern Cal to reunite by Monday July 16th. We had a fabulous trip to Yosemite where we were caught in a Summer Storm! We all got soaked and laughed a lot. Garrett, Sophi and Boaz have been in So. Cal all weekend doing a wedding and shipping all our belongings off to Lithuania. phew! Glad to have those two major events on the other side of us! Maybe this next week at Garrett's parents house we can get down to some serious relaxing. Heaven's knows we really need it. This moving across the world can be quite draining you know!
Our house is still our biggest prayer request. It has not sold or rented yet and we are out of money to keep paying the mortgage will be interesting to see what God has up his sleeve because he has been paving the way for us in every other way. Sooooo.....we wait and watch. God is truelly amazing!

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