Saturday, June 30, 2007

Trying to get going

We are in the crazy process of getting out of our house. It is incredibly hard to live in a house with 4 kids and try to move out at the same time. We have worked really hard at remembering they are still kids and take the evening off to hang out and play. It has made it a slow but tolerable process.
We have our yard sale this Saturday and Sophi is sick, then we leave July 2 2007 to travel up through California to say goodbyes to family for a few weeks.
We still need our house to either rent or sell, it looks like we will pay the mortgage on it in July even though we will not be in town for the month. Thank goodness Matt is still around. He has been living with us this summer, home from school.
It looks like we may have a house in Lithuania all ready for us to rent when we get there, that would be cool. I will give you the link to the pictures of it if we get it! We have discovered or something like that.
Well it is time to rest up before we have to do some more cleaning and moving!
for now, the gillilands

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