Sunday, July 8, 2007


We have all gotten that darn flu that seems to be going around. If everyone hadn't had it then i would have thought that I was pregnant. I felt nausia every morning for a week. What a weird flu. I got it again on Monday July 2. Garrett and I split up to get more done. He took the Uhaul to my cousins with Boaz and Hevenlee who have had it already and I stayed behind with Ezra and Sonshyne so we would not pass it on and so I could get some rest. Kim and Doug Myers were so wonderful to put us up. Our house is completely empty. It is a strange familiar feeling. Feels like we have done this before.........ah, yes, we have! I know the excitement will come, but I am so exhausted I can not think straight! It feels like too much! We have been doing a good job of taking the evenings off too but the stress of it all gets to be overwhelming. God is amazing through this time to keep us calm and keep us going. He is good! He comes through all the time!

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the lucas family said...

we hope you all get better! we'll definitely be praying for you as you finish preparing to go to lithuania and as you get organized once you get there. we love you more than you know!!

krista, tim, and benjamin