Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Transitions 3

The weather is another big hurdle to get past! Many times when people find out we are from Southern California, the next big question is,"Why did you come here?" They just can't seem to get an understanding why anyone would leave the warmth of their country to come to this miserable place that they plan to leave as soon as they can.

The weather is almost always 20 degrees colder than what we are used to in Sunny Southern California. While we lived in California we never once complained about the heat. We loved it, more than anything, that for the last 15 years we have been able to wear our tank tops, shorts and flip flops on Christmas Day! Ah, what a dream!

A funny thing that is different too is that in California when the sun comes out you can feel it's warmth and you know it will warm up to be a great day. So when we see the sun out here we expect something from it. However, here in Lithuania, the sun will be out and it will appear to be a beautiful day. Then you head outside to experience the bitter cold of the day and feel like the sun is boasting lies! Lies we say! There is not a single shred of warmth that you can feel from it's presence! It continues to full us on a regular bases.

Here in Lithuania the weather begins to cool significantly by August/September. As we move into October we are wearing light jackets, but the kind of Jackets we would wear for winter in California. By November it is as cold as it will get in a Southern California winter and is in the high 30's and low 40's, but my no means has winter even gotten started here.

This November we saw our first big snow fall of the season and it stayed for several days, so it was at least 32 degrees outside. Snow doesn't last long here though. The Baltic Sea is only a few miles away and always brings in a warm wind and rain to melt the snow.

December and January brought us some cold temperatures in the 20's and 30's. We were really preparing for the coldest weather in January and February, but it kind of putzed out and now in February we are enjoying weather in the 40's and LOVING it!

It is funny how in Southern California we would be complaining by now about the 40 degree weather and here we are so thankful for how warm it is. It is all relative isn't it!?

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the lucas family said...

the sun lies in north carolina too! it's very confusing when it's 38 degrees and sunny...

love you all!!